From the moment we met, there was an alignment of our energies, visions and hopes for life in Cornwall. We are both passionate about helping people transform into their best selves and design a life they want to live. Blending our skills in life coaching and yoga has worked perfectly and become a powerful force in creating freedom and happiness in peoples lives.




Helen has a genuine love for alternative health therapies bringing over 20 years of yoga experience and teaching to Ignite Life.

She qualified as a yoga teacher in 2006 with Paul Dallaghan and went on to teach private and group yoga classes in Sydney, Australia. She has since studied and practised with many amazing teachers around the world and continues to challenge herself daily in her own yoga practice.

After ten years in Sydney, Helen re-located to Cornwall in 2016 and is the co-founder of Ignite Life and founder of Radiance Massage Therapy and Radiance Yoga. 

For Helen, yoga is more than a purely physical practice. While physical training has many benefits, it only scratches the surface of what can be gained from practising a complete philosophy of yoga. Helen encourages you to go beyond physical practice, to commence a quest to understand the mind (its complexities, limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that can plague our psyche) and journey towards an inner state of consciousness.

Ignite Life yoga is a powerful modern-day style of yoga with a physical and philosophical practice. Each session includes Restorative and Yin yoga poses – a chance to relax, let go and be you. Get ready to step into a beautiful space, a clear mind, and a vibrant body. 


Life Coach

Hayley has a diverse background in pioneering projects and leading large teams. Her visionary and entrepreneurial mind has taken her far and wide rolling out businesses and charitable projects in boardrooms and war zones around the world. 

Her support work started in 2008 when she set up a charity in London working with women who had been trafficked. She began her studies in complex psychological and sexual trauma before moving into positive psychology. She then undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Life Coaching and set up a coaching firm based in London working solely with female entrepreneurs. 

In 2016 Hayley re-located to the Cornish coast where she co-founded Ignite Life as well as running her own coaching practice and continuing to do aid work overseas. She is also known to occasionally blog about her life here in Cornwall ( 

For Hayley, a coaching conversation is a really powerful tool for people to understand themselves, make sense of their world and take conscious steps forward to creating a life that they love. Hayley’s coaching style is much more holistic than simply focusing on one goal. It’s about taking the whole self into account. Whether that’s home, work, relationships, health, creative expression, confidence, lifestyle or environment – they are all intertwined and make you uniquely you.